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04W6931 Lenovo Thinkpad X230 Tablet FAN Replacement

  • Model: 04W6931
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Location: United States
Part number: 04W6931
Weight: 189g
Warranty: Full 12 months warranty
Radiator Type: Heat sink
Heatsink + fan alone fan
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2~9 35.99
More than 10pcs 33.99

Lenovo Thinkpad X230 Tablet 04W6931 FAN introduction:

Notebook fan is present, its also. Heat problem has always been the problem of notebook design, along with the configuration of the continuous improvement books, notebook cooling system is undoubtedly a huge challenge. Foreign cattle in a notebook cooked fried eggs, shows that the dual-core notebook heat performance really impressive.

Lenovo X230 Tablet 04W6931 FAN action:

The role of a great notebook cooler, notebook computers, in terms of performance and portability confrontation, the heat has become the most crucial factor has been the notebook laptop cooling core technology bottleneck. Sometimes baffling notebook computer will crash, it is the general cause system overheating. To solve this problem, we designed a laptop 04W6931 FAN, good heat sink may extend the life of notebook computers. So that heat generated by laptops faster spread to computers outside, does not affect the use of laptop function, it does not make the computer circuit corrosion phenomenon, to ensure the normal work of the laptop.


Notebook Lenovo X230 Tablet FAN very simple to use, first, the notebook cooling base level position, and then connect the power supply, so that the cooling fan base hole to open up the front power switch, and finally notebook cooling pad flat on the top can be. No matter what the environment, pay attention to leave out all the cooling fan outlet, ensure that air can carry out rapid heat diffusion.


Notebook Cooler is the most critical internal CPU Lenovo ThinkPad X230 Tablet 04W6931 FAN, if the fan mouth blocked by dust, heat will fail, notebooks will be hot, and even cause overheat and shut down automatically. So we have to regularly clean up the dust, the use of tools is very simple: a screwdriver, paper towels, cotton swabs, small brush. Cleanup process is not complicated, just need to be careful to put the dust inside with a small brush to clean up.

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