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HP LA-8731P AMM4455 Motherboard replacement in United States

  • Model: LA-8731P AMM4455
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HP LA-8731P AMM4455 Motherboard Check plate method:

1. Observation: whether burnt, blown, blistering, board breaking, water and other corrosion jack.
2. Energized examination: clear already bad board, may slightly increase the voltage 0.5-1V, after power IC washboard on hand, so that there is a problem of chip heat, thus perceive it.
3. Logic pen tests: the key suspect in the IC input, output, control whether the check signal pole at each end, strength

HP LA-8731P AMM4455 Motherboard Troubleshooting Methods:

1. The suspect's chip, according to the instruction manual, first check the input, the output of whether a signal (wave type), if no out into, and then check the control signal IC (clock), etc. Have, if this IC bad great possibility, no control signal, traced to its previous pole until you find the damaged IC so far.
2. Do not remove the temporary find the same type can be selected from the pole. Or contents of the program the same IC back on top, the boot to see if improved, in order to confirm whether or not the IC damage.
3. Control method: whether the same content to find a good HP LA-8731P AMM4455 Motherboard control pin wave measuring IC and its corresponding number to confirm the IC damage


1. Cut your feet: do not hurt the board is not recycled.
2. Torshavn method: welded on both sides of the IC pin full tin, using high-temperature soldering iron to drag, but from the IC (easily hurt the board, but the preservation of test IC).
3. Grill method: On alcohol lamp, gas stove, electric grill, etc. melted tin plate from rising out of IC.
4. Tin-pot process: as tin pot on a hot plate special, to be melted tin, will the HP LA-8731P AMM4455 Motherboard be unloaded IC immersion tin pot, you can not hurt since the IC board, but the device is not easy to make.

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